Sunday, December 6, 2015


A little back story to this song, or rather the album it came from, TARANTULA: 

It was 1996, I was a big Ride fan barely into my 20's. I had immensely enjoyed their previous effort, the 60's psychedelia influenced, CARNIVAL OF LIGHT from 1994. A lot fans slagged that album because they pretty much shed their shoegaze sound which they were known for throughout their 5 year or so career up to that point. But I thought that was silly, band grow, they develop, they lack to challenge themselves. The STONES ROSES took a similar course and in 1993 released the pretty underrated SECOND COMING which itself was influenced by the guitar heroics of the late 60's and early 70's and had a general 'classic rock' influence in the mix.
Come 1996, I walk into NYC's Tower Records one day and out of nowhere (no pun intended, Ride fans) I see the new RIDE album entitled TARANTULA. I'm pretty sure I purchased it right away. I was pretty surprised to see it because it was released to little fanfare. Little did I know that the band had apparently broken up by it's release. 

It was an interesting album, but when I first heard it, I suppose I was slightly disappointed with it and did not enjoy it as much as CARNIVAL OF LIGHT. A few years later, I came across a Japanese or German version of the CD with the 3 bonus tracks that were included on the albums only singe "Black Night Crash". These bonus tracks were excellent, and I'm including my favorite one here "Nothing Lasts Forever" which should please the fans of their earlier shoegaze heavy sound. This is a wonderful track that would have nicely fit into their previous effort, GOING BLANK AGAIN. A great song that seems to lament their final days going into 1996 with a wonderful guitar sound that predominates throughout. A Youtube poster commented quite rightly on the magnificent guitar sound heard on the song:

"The upside is the guitar work is absolutely stunning on here esp the break from 2:15 - 2:58 it blows me away every single time. For me - one of Ride's finest & most addictive songs. A complete and utter gem. Thank you, Ride!!"

  If your a RIDE fan, or a fan of shoegaze, dreampop, psychedelia, etc find time if you can to hear this tune plus the whole album if possible. Track it down, you won't be disappointed, it is an excellent listen and due for a reappraisal. And isn't it wonderful that RIDE has reunited in the past year? Here is to hoping that a new album is in the works by this wonderful band led by Andy Bell, Mark Gardener and Company.

Another great song, the swanky, retro-rock of "The DAWN PATROL"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I was a 21 year old living in Brooklyn, New York and the year was 1997. I had been going to shows mostly at NYC's IRVING PLAZA venue seeing a number of cool bands such as Stereolab, Ash, The Charlatans UK, Kula Shaker, Wilco (whom I walked out on), etc. I had heard of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and their My Bloody Valentine-like sound and read they were playing at a little bar called Brownies. So off I went to a night that changed my life. Asteroid No. 4 were the first band up and they played a short set that nevertheless blew me away. Been a fan ever since...
Here's a lovely instrumental by a band named after My Bloody Valentine lead vocalist (you guessed it) Bilinda Butcher. A new favorite band. They hail from San Francisco.

Monday, November 12, 2012


With the good news that Kevin Shields is releasing a 'new' MY BLOODY VALENTINE record in the upcoming year, after eons of waiting amongst their hunger starved fans, here is one of the last 'new' tracks they released, a cover of a WIRE song on a compilation known as 'Whore' which was released in 1996. Which is simply stratospheric in terms of sound. Let's hope we can soon add My Bloody Valentine to the 'New' Category :-p
From more recent pastures we have Rosendale, New York resident (via San Francisco) SHANA FALANA with her dreamy-esque type of modern (at times chant-driven) dreampop that ebbs under your skin and lifts up the wings you didn't know you had. One example being this song, which is one of the most uplifting beautiful songs that I've heard in my young life. A positive vortex of dreampop sound. Pretty cool video shot in upstate NY as well.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Something Old, Something New - THE TELESCOPES - PERFECT NEEDLE (1989) + SPOTLIGHT KID - "PLAN COMES APART" (2011)

This right here is the missing link between the JESUS AND MARY CHAIN and THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE...

...and some new gaze from Nottingham, England. This is from Spotlight Kids' 2nd album "DISASTER TOURIST", nice...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Picked this one up recently at a local Salvation Army. The name seemed strangely familiar so I took a chance with it as it had a dreampop/shoegaze type of presentation. 4 songs with titles such as "2 SUNNY", "LET ME BE AROUND", "CLOSER", &...(wait for it)..."UNTITLED".

The band hailed from Ireland and as I heard the 4 tracks with it's clear (un-shoegazy like) female lead vocals and nice sounding slightly distorted guitars I could swear the light through my blinds started to intensify and the November sun became more robust as if seeking to pull back it's August strength.

This is everything you wanted the Cranbrerries to be (if you ever cared for them, that is). Or what would of happened if the Cranberries vocalist joined up with My Bloody Valentine and they decided to head in a poppier direction. Beauty, sweetness...and light.  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something Old, Something New - PALE SAINTS - SIGHT OF YOU (1990) + THE NEW TIGERS - NEVER SAY GOODBYE (MBV COVER, 2008)

Pale Saints, sometimes overlooked UK shoegaze, noisepop makers. This from 1990 on the legendary 4AD Label,
From Finland The New Tigers, a few chaps covering an old My Bloody Valentine tune a la Jesus And Mary Chain style. Not bad...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something Old, Something New - THE WAKE - TALK ABOUT THE PAST (1984) + STELLARSCOPE - BEAUTY AWAITS (2011)

This one is more on the Synth-Pop side but it does feature dreamy voices by the male singer. It's a dreampop mover of sorts! They do fit the Dreampop criteria by featuring a pretty/ethereal-like female. Scottish band from early 80's just like the Cocteau Twins. I do admit it's a bit New Order-like as well but well done! Not at all bad:

From Philly here is a new track from Stellarscope who have been at it for the past few years recreating that dancy, trippy shoegaze vibe from the early 90's and they do a good job of putting out a sound reminiscent of 1993 or so. This is off their new album due out November 25th on Patetico Records. Have a look/listen: